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Welcome to Twinkletoes Studio of Dance and Performing Arts.  

We know that you have several dance studio options to choose from. This site will offer you information on studio's classes and programs.  We would like to provide you with the tools necessary to make an educated choice for you and your family, as all dance schools are not created equal.  Click here to see what sets Twinkletoes apart
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Twinkletoes is an Acrobatic Arts certified studio and can offer acrobatic exams for our students
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What sets us a part?

Pre-Ballet & Pre- Acro Programs for ages 2.5-4 years
  • Our school has a professionally developed program for dancers starting out in our "Pre-Ballet and Pre-Acro classes".  These classes follow a class curriculum specifically designed by studio director Miss. Haylie James.  Miss. Haylie has more then 17 years experience teaching these programs.  She has developed classes that are teaching young dancers proper safe dance technique and terminology right from the start!  What makes these programs so special?  It is the combination of dance development, imagination, music, engagement and pre-school educational elements including colours, counting and so much more.  The weekly classes sweep dancers away into the magical world of dance every time they step into class.
  • We know that sometimes our "Pre" classes maybe the first time your child is participating in a parent free program.  It can be a nervous time for both dancer and parent.  Our certified and experienced teachers are here to support you and your dancer through this process.  We have many little helpful tricks to get dancers who are unsure into the class and participating in no time.  We allow each dancer to develop trust with us and experience the process at their own pace.
  • What if your dancer is just not ready?  It does happen sometimes that a child is just not ready for a parent free program.  We want to ensure that a child will want to return again down the road.  For our "pre" programs we have developed a "Pre-class credit program"  If your child has tried for a few weeks but is not ready we will gladly refund the first payment.  If it is beyond the first payment we will hold any payments as a credit for you to use in the future when your child is ready to try dance again!

  • A clean, safe environment full of encouragement and motivation.  We have professional teachers who provide dancers with the inspiration needed to push themselves to develop proper and safe dance techniques while allowing them a safe and neutering environment to explore their creativity.  The balance of proper technique and artistry is key to the dancers development.  At Twinkletoes we support our teachers by offering such programs as our Super Star Program, which allows teachers to award dancers for all aspect of dance and studio life.  They see you being a great friend to someone in class they can recognize that, they see a dancer has practised to learn a step that was difficult they can recognize that, or they notice a shy dancer come out of their shell and leave their heart on the dance floor they can recognize that!  Positive reinforcement gives all students new and old a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

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