Support, encouragement, challenge, growth, achievement, passion, dedication, love, and family are just a few of the words that describe The Team members experience on a weekly basis.

The Team is designed to push its members physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively.  The competitive experience is very rewarding for The Team.  Proper and safe dance development is a large focus for The Team, but there are additional skills that emerge with the training.  These are life long behaviors, that will easily transfer into a rewarding adult life.  The dedication, supporting your team, punctuality, focus, perseverance, organization are just a few side affects of the training our Team members gain

The Team houses several smaller teams based on age and level, which allows for the individual growth of the dancer.  Teams start at 5 years old up to 18 years old.

The Team holds annual auditions in June for the following season (end of August- June).  If you would like more information on The Team at Twinkletoes and the rewarding experience for your child, please contact studio director Ms. Haylie James at for more information.  We would love to assist you in making your dance dreams come true!
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