H.O.P.E ( Honouring Original Performers Everywhere)

JR Choreography and Artistry Class 
A class designed for young creative visionaries who aspire to learn every component of dance choreography and the fundamentals needed for creating a show. 

We call this very special group of young dancers h.o.p.e. Kidz
(Honoring Original Performers Everywhere).  Through this exciting program students will learn the entire process of...

  • Auditioning,
  • Teaching their choreography,
  • Stage production, (lighting, sound, and visual effects),
  • Filming,
  • Costuming,
  • Sponsorship,
  • Media Advertisement (Radio &. Newspaper),
  • Charity Affiliation,
  • Terminology and the history of dance,
  • Music editing, and much more.

Together, these young artists will discover how to take their vision, apply it and teach it to other dancers.  At the end of the year their vision will come to life and will be shared on stage, through the creation of their very own stage show - an event supporting local charities.    

In addition to their own choreography, students will invite celebrity friends,  local talent and businesses to help raise funds. Throughout the year they will also create creative concepts and mini events within their schools and community to raise awareness. 

If your young dancer is looking for something more and has a passion for choreography, innovative performances, dreams of creating their own show, AND would love being a charity ambassador then speak to us about the H.O.P.E Group.

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